Easter Eggs Edit

Shadow Animatronic Edit

It has been reported that on rare instances, a "Shadow Animatronic" appears briefly, then fades away. No one is sure about the identity of this animatronic, but some believe it to be Toy Bonnie, but due to the shape of the shadow's teeth not matching Toy Bonnie's, there has been much confusion.

Rare screens Edit

In some instances, upon starting the game, a black eyed Toy Bonnie will appear for about ten seconds (some fans report it to be more than ten.), much like the first game. Other screens may appear, for example, an eyeless Foxy can appear after his jumpscare, and Freddy can as well.

Theories Edit

Fritz Smith is Phone Guy Edit

Many believe that the so-called "Phone Guy" is indeed Fritz Smith. The reason to this is that on Night 6, Phone Guy clearly states that he would be taking the night shift. In the end of Custom Night, Fritz gets fired. The problem with this theory is that (If the second game is considered a prequel) Phone Guy was never fired, but Fritz Smith was fired on his first day on the job, meaning he couldn't have been part of the first game.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a prequel Edit

There are many things that support this theory, but the most solid piece of evidence is the paycheck you receive on Night 6. The date on the paycheck is 11/13/1987, which is obviously before the first game.

The Bite of '87 happened during the second game Edit

The infamous Bite of '87 incident, which was speculated to have happened in 1987, could have possible happened in the second game, because it was never stated by Phone Guy in the second game, meaning it hasn't happened yet, and the animatronics in the second game were most likely to be the culprits, because Phone Guy states that the animatronics have been acting aggressive toward adults. It could have also been the same timeline because, according to the paycheck you receive in Night 6, the game takes place in November of 1987 .

Rumors Edit

The Purple Man Edit

In the 'take cake to the children' minigame a purple man can be seen killing a child outside of the building. And even in the 'Save Them' minigame,there is an alternate ending in which the 'purple man' kills you, with the words "you can't" written in the bottom left of the screen at the end. Much speculation and discussion has been going on about the identity of this 'purple man'. Some believe that he is Phone Guy, because he appears to be wearing a badge and is holding an object that looks like a phone. This has yet to be proven.