easter eggs Edit

there have been lots of easter eggs in fnaf here's some

freddy's nose Edit

almost everyone knows about this one. click freddy's nose on the 'celebrate' poster in the office the nose should make a honking noise

golden freddy Edit

go to cam2b and you'll on rare occasions see a poster of golden freddy return to the main room and golden freddy is there sooner or later he crashes your game

the bite of 87' Edit

in 1987 foxy bit off a child's head according to phone guy the incident was called the bite of 87'

theories Edit

golden freddy is a hallucination Edit

golden freddy is a hallucination since the moniters in the room don't seem to reflect on golden freddy

yellow bear Edit

according to the game files golden freddy is yellow bear

sparky the dog Edit

a picture showed the backstage room and in the employee's only door there is a dog they named sparky however this was just a photoshop

foxy is a good guy Edit

foxy is a good guy and trying to help mike whenever you don't check on pirate's cove he get's worried and checks on you however he screams due to his malfunctioning voice box.

foxy's jaw isn't broken Edit

foxy's jaw isn't broken when he attacks you his jaw is closed then he widen's his mouth this could be a bug or glitch but we don't really know

the cupcake is a lie Edit

the cupcake is a camera and let's the anamatronics know your there but chica holds the same cupcake but it's said that she leaves the cupcake on a table and goes to attack you

rumors Edit

the five missing children Edit

according to several posters in the game there was an incident where five children were lured into the backroom and killed there body's were most likely stuffed in the anamatronics