five nights at freddy's is an indie horror game created by scott cawthon the goal of the game is too survive 5 nights at freddy fazbears pizza

gameplay Edit

night 1: bonnie and chica are the only two who move on rare occasions foxy will peek out of the curtain

night 2:foxy moves and bonnie and chica start appearing at your door

night 3:freddy moves and foxy chica and bonnie are more aggresive

night 4:everyone is agressive

night 5:all anamatronics appear at the doors as soon as you pull the camera up

night 6:freddy is one of the most aggresive

night 7:customize

history Edit

the pilgrims progress was scott cawthon's first anamation on youtube but then when another game came out the critics said the animals looked like anamatronics but then he finally made five nights at freddy's